Wednesday, October 21, 2020

October 21st: Jacob & Esau

 Confirmation 10/21/20: Jacob & Esau (Genesis 25, 27, 29, 33)

Intro Questions:

·         Do any of you have an interesting birth story?

·         Are you a “mommy’s girl/boy” or a “daddy’s girl/boy”?

·         Have you ever made a poor swap/trade with a sibling? How did it happen?

·         Have you ever deceived someone or tried to cover something up? Why? How did it make you feel?

Read Genesis 25:21-28

·         What did God say to Rebekah through prayer when she asked him about “the jostling in her belly”?

·         Who was born first? Describe each brother, along with what their names mean. Who will rule over the other?

·         Generally when we hear the circumstances of a birth, it means that someone pretty special is being born. How do you think this birth story is similar to the most important birth story of Jesus? Different?

Read Genesis 25:29-34

·         What is a birthright and why do you think it was so important to Jacob?

·         Why do you think Esau was willing to part with his birthright so quickly?

o   In what ways do we choose “temporary value” over “eternal value” (like Esau choosing to satisfy his hunger instead of choosing birthright)?

·         Do you think this was a fair trade by Jacob?

·         Do you think Esau regretted giving up his birthright?

·         Does this change how we view Jacob?

·         How might this point to God’s plan? Review what God told to Rebekah before they were born.

Read Genesis 27:1-17 (pause to recap) then 18-29 (pause to recap) then 30-40 (recap)

·         Since God had chosen Jacob to inherit the promises God made to Abraham and Isaac, was it wrong for Jacob and Rebekah to use trickery to get it, even if it appeared that Isaac was going to give Esau the blessing? Why or why not?

·         Are God’s promises (covenants) dependent on cultural custom (e.g. birthright) or human virtue (e.g. trickery)? What does this tell us about God?

·         How do you think Esau felt when he learned Jacob has taken his blessing? How do you think Jacob felt?

·         What’s so important about a blessing?

·         When Isaac realized he was tricked, why didn’t he revoke the blessing and then bless Esau instead?

·         With God choosing Jacob, does that mean he is better than Esau? Why?

 Read Genesis 33:1-4

·         We get a brief glimpse into the brothers’ lives years later. How would you assess their success?

·         How do you think Jacob was feeling before meeting Esau? See Genesis 32:11.

·         We last heard from Esau and he was very angry. How do we find him now? Does this surprise you?

·         Why do you think Esau was so willing to forgive?

·         Can you think of anything you need to forgive someone for? What about forgiveness you need to receive?

·         What do we value most when we are willing to forgive?

·         What do we need to do to receive forgiveness from God?

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