Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Week 1: "Generosity" from The Bible Project

Hello Confirmation Families!

I've decided to utilize a resource from The Bible Project--a free Bible Education & Video website that I often use for Confirmation. They are putting out a once weekly family study during the coronavirus pandemic which I think is quite thoughtful. Each week there is a Bible Project video, a short audio message from one of the creators, 3-5 short scripture readings, and 6-8 discussion questions.

So, for the next 8 weeks I'll be posting their resources right here for you to check out. The first week is called "Generosity".

I'll also include a link to Faith Lens, an ELCA resource geared for teens that gives insight and guided discussion focusing on the weekly texts from Sunday worship.

Feel free to use whichever works best for your family!

Stay Well,

Click here for Week 1: Generosity from The Bible Project

Click here for the ELCA Faith Lens . You can also find it on our app: home>ELCA>Faith Lens

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