Friday, March 27, 2020

John 11:1-45 | Lazarus

Share highs, lows & "God Sightings"
  • What made you happy or joyful or hopeful this week?
  • What made you sad or uneasy or uncomfortable this week?
  • Where/how did you see God working this week?
Read the weekly Bible verse/story
  • Read together John 11:25-26 (if you're really ambitious, you can read the whole Lazarus story)--we heard it read for us in this Sunday's Worship (3.29.20)
    • We encourage everyone to open up their own Bibles; highlight or underline things that stand out to you and write notes or questions in the margins.
    • There is a full Bible on our church app; look for it on the menu that runs long the top (android) or bottom (apple) of your phone or tablet.
    • Click here for a kids video of the parable.
  • Read this analysis of the verses from
    • The term resurrection assumes that even people of faith will die, yet they have the hope of being raised to everlasting life with God. Jesus later demonstrates the truth of his promise by undergoing death himself before being raised to new life on Easter. Jesus extends to his followers the same hope of resurrection. The other term Jesus uses is life. Physical life includes a heart that beats and lungs that breathe, but life in its fullest sense is lived in relationship with God. People enter true life by faith, since faith is a relationship with God. This relationship does not end with the death of the physical body. This is one of the seven "I am" sayings in John's Gospel. Since the expression "I am" recalls the name of God, who is the "I Am" (Exodus 3:14), these sayings emphasize that Jesus is God's Word in the flesh.
Talk about the weekly Bible verse/story
  • What does Jesus mean when he says, "I am the Resurrection and the Life?"
  • Jesus was talking to Mary and Martha who were mourning from the death their brother, Lazarus, when he told them this. Why do you think he said this?
  • Gospel means "Good News". What's the Good News that Jesus is sharing in these verses?
Pray your highs & lows
  • Pray any way that works for your family. Here are some ideas:
    • Squeeze prayer; one person starts. When they're finished squeeze the hand of the next person and they can share a prayer or pass it on.
    • Hold hands and pray for the person on your left ("I pray for [name], I'm glad [___] made them happy this week. I pray God is with [name] when they are feeling sad because of [___].
    • Have one person pray for everyone.
    • Popcorn prayer: one person says a quick opening, then others "pop in" with single words of things they want to pray for (i.e. "friends", "doctors", "health", etc.)
    • Say the Five Finger Prayer (image below)
    • Say the Lord's Prayer together.
Bless each other
  • Go in a circle and put the sign of the cross on the hand or forehead of the person next to you while saying a blessing. Here are some blessing options:
    • "God bless you, [name]"
    • "Jesus (God) loves you and so do I"
    • "God bless you, [name], child of God"

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